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The Criminal Judgments Public Access database lists all judgments including Judgments of Conviction (final judgment of guilt in a criminal case), Judgments of Conviction & Orders for Commitment, Change of Judgments of Conviction, Change of Judgments of Conviction & Orders for Commitment, Judgments of Acquittal, and Judgments of Dismissal. Recently entered judgments may not be immediately reflected in the database. Information viewed today may subsequently be corrected, updated or expunged.* The Judiciary provides access to this information as a public service and does not assume any liability for inaccurate or administrative delays in inputting data, errors or omissions with regard to the information contained within the database. Additionally, the Judiciary assumes no liability for the improper or illegal use of information obtained from its computerized systems.

The database contains documents from June 30, 2017 to the present. For information prior to June 30, 2017, and for any questions regarding a specific document, please contact the Criminal Records Room in the County in which the matter was held. (See County Criminal Records Contact List in the FAQ of the 'Help' Section or in the 'Contact Us' Section.)

Beginning in November of 2012, the New Jersey Supreme Court authorized the electronic signing of documents, and as of September 1, 2013, New Jersey Court Rule 1:32-2A provides that an electronic signature has the same force and effect as an original handwritten signature. Therefore, the "/s" that appears in the Judge's Signature Box on the document is an official signature.

If you require a certified copy, you must contact the County Criminal Records Room referenced above.

Please note:

The information contained in this database should not be considered a defendant's complete court history, nor is it a defendant's criminal history. Criminal histories are maintained by the New Jersey State Police.

Certain records are not available for public inspection in accordance with statutes and the New Jersey Rules of Court. Confidential information will not be retrieved in your search results. Common examples of criminal confidential records include, but are not limited to, juvenile cases, expunged cases, probation records and case records ordered impounded.

Attempts to interfere with the operation of the Judiciary's computerized systems or to alter records in the Judiciary's computerized systems are strictly prohibited and may result in criminal prosecution, civil penalties, and/or disciplinary action, where appropriate. In addition, the Judiciary will seek indemnification, including costs and attorney's fees for any claims brought in connection with the improper or illegal use of information obtained from its computerized systems.

*N.J.S.A. 2C:52-30 makes it a disorderly persons offense for a person to reveal to another the existence of an arrest, conviction or related legal proceeding with knowledge that the records and information pertaining thereto have been expunged and sealed.

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